Our Team

Brendon Warne – Founder

My name is Brendon Warne (bwarnd) I have come from addiction and attempted finding recovery when my daughter mya (my rock) was born … there wasn’t to much out there that I thought would have suited me… I founded anti p ministry 07-07-07 and became a licensed minister and I will continue to raise awareness around meth and synthetic drugs till my last breath, I have the lived experience and will try my hardest not to judge I also have my peer support certification and mental health and addictions certification level 4 I am part of the best recovery whanau in the world , all glory to God.

Levi Tait – Bus  Driver

My name is Levi Tait, I first tried Methamphetamine almost 6 years ago, at first i thought i had it under control, then the addiction kicked in and my life started to crumble before me, since i found the Anti P Ministry my entire way of life has changed, i am determined to make a change in the world as we know it, change the stigma around addiction and let the people know that it is ok to ask for help. one thing i have noticed is that people come on to our page and are background viewers for the first couple weeks, then as they see other people opening up, they come out of their shells, one thing i can promise is that we will be there when you fall, and guide you through your recovery

Chantelle Christie – Walk-in Manager

My name is chantelle christie I am 40 years old. I am the anti p ministry walkin co ordinator, I have been with the ministry since 2018. I had a 20year meth addiction and am now 2 years 7 months clean. I hope to inspire others with my journey to know that addiction can be managed with recovery…..if I can do it anyone can… Our goal with the ministry is to provide walki-ns in every town through out New Zealand, to inspire, support, raise awareness and rid the stigma of talking about addiction

Gavin Pereia – Anti P Ministry Australia

Gday guys im Gavin from Australia. I was an addict for over 24 years, being jailed for trafficking and manufacturing methamphetamine, I finally had enough of the meth life , i have now been clean for nearly 8 years and now spend my time raising my daughter and encouraging others into recovery  The ANTI P MINISTRY has helped me stay clean and on the right path in life. I’ve spent over 10 years of my life in prison because of my meth addiction and will never go back to that life. I founded the Australian Anti P Ministry almost 3 years ago and have built an awesome team of recovering addicts throughout Australia and we have helped so many Aussies find recovery and remain meth free . If you or a loved one are affected by methamphetamine please reach out to anyone of our team as we all have a history of addiction and will guide you and support you into recovery Much love and respect Gavin ANTI P MINISTRY AUSTRALIA

Dee Darnell Rumbal – Online Recovery Church

Kia ora my name is Darnell I am one of the admin for the anti-p ministry I also host our live recovery church every sunday at 430pm on our Facebook page. I have just over 2 and half years clean after a 14 year meth addiction and part of my journey is to be able to help others see that no matter what happens, no matter how deep or how long you have been in addiction you have hope, you are are not alone, and you can recover. How do I know this because I once was you. We have a voice today and our recovery church helps us to connect and share that voice.